Various Facts about Muslim Wedding Around the World

Islam could be the second largest religion in the world, and its ritual wedding probably is the simplest you’ve heard. But Islamic wedding ceremonies never been that simply. You will find how an Islamic wedding ceremony in a country can be very different from the others, depending  on the cultural tradition held by its people. The variety facts about muslim wedding from throughout the world are very beautiful, including those rituals, those wedding dresses, those decorations, and still, those beautiful faces of the muslim brides. Same sacred, but not all of them are that orthodox. And surprisingly, muslim brides don’t always dress in hijabs.


In the engagement ceremony (and Islam actually do not suggest any engagement before marriages), the belief leader (which is called imam) asks the bride’s father and the bridegroom’s father to repeat their support for the marriage three times. Then the engagement is officially legal after everyone in the engagement drinks each of their sherbet beverages.

muslim wedding in Turkey
Eliana and Zaheer, a Turkish newlyweds walked along Nizamiye Mosque after the wedding ceremony is over.
Picture is taken from here.


The Bengali engagement ceremony (which is called Gaye Halud) is held separated for the bride and the groom. The groom’s family (except the groom himself) come to the bride’s place by bringing gifts and silks. Then everyone in the party rub turmeric on the bride’s face and also their own faces as a sign of good luck and escapes them from evil power. The groom’s mother also come and put golden necklace on the bride’s neck, and she must not put it off until the wedding day.

muslim wedding in Bangladesh
A guest rub turmeric on the bride’s face as sign of luck, on the engagement day.
Picture is taken from here.


A wedding ceremony starts when the bridegroom arrives at the wedding venue, welcomed by the bride’s brother who will share a drink with him. A priest (which is called maulvi) read verses of Koran and conducts the reading of ijab qobul (treaty of proposal and acceptance) by the bridegroom and the bride. They are pronounced as new husband and wife, then they can sit together while the guests have dishes and dates.

Indian muslim wedding
Though Koran prohibits muslim to hurt themselves by piercing their bodies, but Indian still hold its tradition that a girl who available for a man must pierce her nose. Picture is taken from here.



A couple of days before the wedding, the bride visit a bath house as a part of preparation. She doesn’t come alone, but she is accompanied by her sisters, her aunties, or any other women in her family. And her visit is welcomed by music from the bath house!

muslim wedding in Morocco
The bride enters the wedding hall by sitting in a big chair (which is called El Amaria) which is lifted by huge and strong men. After the newlyweds sit together, then a belly dancer enters the hall and perform by asking all the guests to dance with her. Picture is taken from here.

A bride can change her wedding dresses four times during the ceremony and she has special assistant to exchange them.


Wondering what to wear if you’re invited to a muslim wedding?

There is no standard of what-to-wear for Islamic wedding guests, cause the fashion manners always depend on the culture where the ceremony held. But simply, Islam teaches its women not to show off their body for attracting men sexually, so if you have dresses which shows your cleavage prominently, leave them home. Beautiful abaya is always welcomed, hijabs always suit the parties, but if you don’t have one, simple gorgeous long dress or elegant coat has been enough.

You may come to the wedding by bringing your gift. To make your gift more attractive, why don’t you insert your printed cards which written your prayers for the brides?

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