Wonderful Indonesia: All Values in One

As the commercials of Wonderful Indonesia have been seen on the buses in London and Australia, the proud feeling emerged to my mind. It is true, because the nature, the culture, the people, the food, and every such unique things of my country will always value the money of the tourist has spent here.

Since Ministry of Tourism Indonesia announces its tagline Wonderful Indonesia at 2011, my Indonesia has never stopped enthralling. Annually, any new tourist destination in Indonesia always unfold. And all of these places are always worth to visit.

Wonderful Beaches

Beaches are easily found in my country. Indonesia has the second longest coastline on the world, and I still can see fishermen anywhere threw their nets from the shore for catching fish. Indonesia’s weather is mostly sunny through the year, so we enjoy the warm weather on the beach all the time.

Wonderful Indonesia, things to do in Uluwatu Beach
I was sightseeing over the cliff by marvelling the blue sea in Uluwatu Beach, aheading to a temple nearby. Temple(s) and blue sea have become the main characteristic of Bali beach. If I look for any best beaches in Bali, Uluwatu always be my first priority.

Wonderful Mountain

Indonesia had a lot of mountain, some of them are volcanoes, and some of them are still active. The slopes of the mountain are used for plantation, and many of them evolve into tourist attraction. Some volcanoes even turn out panoramic, and I relish wandering around there by riding any horse or jeep.

Wonderful Indonesia: Bromo and The Lodge Maribaya
Above: I was enjoying the Bromo Mountain National Park over an horse.
Bottom: This is me, playing swing in a soothing ambience of The Lodge Maribaya underneath Tangkuban Parahu Mount, Bandung.

Wonderful Forests

Those volcanoes in Indonesia made my land was fertile to develop forests. A lot of forest even was large enough to become national park for endangered trees conservation, and also vast lair for rare animals. One of those scarce species, komodo which only lives in Indonesia, even has been declared by National Geographic as wonder of the world.

Wonderful Indonesia: Rammang Rammang Maros and Komodo Island
I was walking to the karst forest hill of Rammang Rammang, Maros (Sulawesi Selatan) (top left), after sailing on a boat along the river beneath the forest (top right).
A few komodoes were chilling out (bottom left) under a storage house in the forest of Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara (bottom right).

Wonderful Cultures

There are thousand ethnics in my country, its amount is as much as total ethnics in Europe. This creates different cultures in every single area of Indonesia which is unearthed endlessly, reflected on various styles of house, exotic dances, outfits, and even the way they live.

Wonderful Indonesia - Lombok and Desa Sade
Lombok has been special to me.
Their people are friendly, its culture is mixed of Balinese and Sasaknese.
Visiting Desa Sade (right, top and bottom) on Lombok is a complete package of culture tour which seen on its traditional dwelling and their woman who weave at their residence.
The left picture is a Lombok dancer as I’ve seen in an annual cultural festival on Jember.

Wonderful Gourmets

The specialty of Indonesian food is its spices, probably due to many various herbs harvested in Indonesia’s land. Everytime I ask foreign travelers about their most favorite Indonesian food, they always answer nasi goreng. And Indonesian can’t savor their meals without sambal, which is hard to be found in any other countries.

Wonderful Indonesia: nasi goreng jancuk, coto Makassar, and sambal
Nasi goreng (top) is probably the most beloved famous food in Indonesia.
While another popular food in Indonesia is soto (left) which ingredients and spices can be various according the ethnics who dishes it. The picture shows coto Makassar.
And sambal (right) is the most characteristic condiment for Indonesian food.

Wonderful Resorts

I believe that some travelers are interested more in cooling off at their hotels, either by sunbathing, jogging around the park, or being pampered in spa. Me, too, and I am glad that now resorts are available on the whole country to spoil their guests. Indonesia’s friendliness has been renowned since a while, and the resort staffs unfold it well.

Watu Dodol
I kept working while I was on vacation in Watu Dodol Resort, Banyuwangi.
When I want to settle down a minute, I just need to put my laptop in my lodge, wear my swimsuit, and fancy the pool.

Wonderful History

My Indonesia has been a home for lots of kingdom and also a territory for lots of colonial authorities. This is why the (hi-)story of Indonesia is always fascinating to learn about. Historical sites such as temples, monuments, and museums are obtainable in every province. And I’m always excited to recommend any local tour guides to escort every explorers who love stories about this unique nation.

Wonderful Indonesia - Candi Borobudur tour
Candi Borobudur is all-in-one package of history and culture.
This temple has been holy place for Buddhist for centuries, and I’m always flattered about the fact that this site was actually built by an Hindu king for accomodating the Buddhist.
This is me taking my son for a Candi Borobudur tour, by teaching him about relief on the wall of Borobudur, which depicted the activities in age of Mataram kingdom.

Where to Discover The Wonder of Indonesia?

It is easy to attain Indonesia from everywhere. Most tourists fly from throughout the world to my country directly from everywhere, especially from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam. Bali has been always the main place of interest, but anyway, you can go to any other places in Indonesia and set your arrival date by clicking Wonderful Indonesia.

You won’t worry to get lost, cause Wonderful Indonesia had a lot of  delightful package of attractions which make you forget to return back home. In Indonesia, you can lose yourself, or even discover the new you 🙂

So, when will you pack up and see my Wonderful Indonesia? 🙂

(Credits: Those photos above were captured by me, Eddy Fahmi, and Priarso Sukaton @pskaton.)

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  1. Evi says:

    Visiting one country, we will get everything. From natural, cultural to culinary tourism. A nice and complete package. It’s truly Wonderful Indonesia 🙂

  2. It is so true that our country has everything for everyone! No need to travel the whole country if you don’t have much time, we can find them all in one region.
    For those who love old buildings, who love food adventure, who love culture, who love art, who love beaches, or lakes, or mountains, or rivers, or caves, Indonesia is for you.

  3. Didy says:

    I think I’m in love with Ramang-Ramang since I read this blogpost Mbak. Aaah really wanna go there. But anyway, is it expensive to travel there ?

    1. Vicky Laurentina ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Well, to create the best budget for Rammang Rammang, we would rather go in groups, approximately of 4 to 8 people. Cause the biggest expense comes from boat rental for sailing along the Pute River. So if we visit this place in group, I believe it won’t cost too much. 🙂

  4. Jiee yg pengen bngt ke Maluku, tak sumpahin moga sampe ke sana
    Kadang lucu ya, orang bule nanya, “Kamu tinggal di Indonesia?”, “Aaah.. aku tau, Indonesia yg ada Balinya itu kan?” Yeww

  5. Memang pariwisata Indonesia itu luas, banyak, indah2 dan punya histori dan memori tersendiri. Terlalu luas dan bagus, sampai kita aja ga bakalan cukup waktu untuk menjelajahi semuanya. Aku suka wisata laut, gunung, candi dll. Kalau laut enaknya bisa main2 air. Kalo candi hihii panas de kecuali sampainya pagi2. Asik2 semua seruuu ya, mbak Vicky 🙂 Keren2 euy fotonya 😀 Mantulll 🙂

    1. Vicky Laurentina ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Thank you very much, Mbak Tanty.. I actually wanted to write about Flores and Moluccas coz those places were great assets, but I’ve never been there. So I just use the photos that I’ve got. Perhaps one day I’ll take my feet there and add the photos into this writing 😀

  6. Waktu msh kuliah di Penang, temen2ku yg asalnya dr China, Mongolia, arab, oman dan lainnya, srg nanya ttg Indonesia. Kebanyakan pasti pantainya. Dan mereka lumayan shock kalo aku sendiri blm bisa mendatangi semua tempatnya hahahahah. Dipikir Indonesia kecil apa :p. Rata2 mereka udh dtangin Bali, dan lgs suka. Kayaknya ga ada yg ga suka sih ama Bali. Apalagi temen2 dr mongolia yg suhunya srg ekstreme dingin. Makanya mereka seneng dgn cuaca panas di Indonesia :). Hanya utk makanan, yg temen2 asingku itu kurang cocok. Mungkin krn terlalu rempah dan pedas bagi lidah mereka. Bangga lah pokoknya kalo udh cerita ttg indonesia ke mereka 🙂

    1. Vicky Laurentina ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Iklan-iklan tentang Indonesia di luar negeri itu selaluuu aja ngomongin pantai. Padahal pantai-pantai yang lumayan akomodatif di Indonesia itu jarang banget yang terjangkau oleh turis casual, hihihi.. Dan kalau aku baca di forum-forum travellers di luar negeri, kebanyakan yang diomongin itu mesti Bali, Bali, Bali. Dan sudut-sudut Bali yang mereka omongin itu malah aku belum pernah datengin, hahahhaa..

      Kamu pernah kuliah di Penang, Fan? Wah keren. Berarti pernah belajar masak nasi lemak dong..

  7. Rahmi says:

    Liat foto2 mba Vicky bener2 wonderful yah Indonesia iniii. Aku juga jd pngen ikut lombanya kebetulan kmrn baru piknik di tempat yg so wonderful. Ikutin lomba ngga yaaa…

  8. Mugniar says:

    Lombanya wow hadiahnya.
    Mbak Vicky punya banyak koleksi foto yang menggambarkan wonderful Indonesia yang mendukung kemampuan bercerita. Moga menang ya Mbak.

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